Mama Julia's Monosex Saloon

Mama Julia’s Monosex Saloon

Director: Faith Wanjiku Hansen
Country: Uganda (2011)
Genre: Fiction
Time: 10.36


This is a family story about a mother who moves in with her daughter to help her as she starts a new business. She is however a woman on a mission, vowing to break up her daughter’s marriage, she feels here daughter married beneath She identifies the perfect man for her and she is on a mission to make sure that her daughter ends up with this man.

A story that will show the strength of love, hope, patience, courage and trust that will either bring the family together or completely ruin it. How far with the mother go to have her dream fulfilled? How much is the daughter willing to fight for marriage that she knows is bound to fail, only if she makes one mistake, take sides?




Photos of the shooting and rehearsals