Documentary Labs

The Documentary Labs focus on exploring non-fiction forms and developing technical production skills.


Through screenings, discussions, one-on-one critique sessions and hands-on workshops, the course will introduce participants to both theoretical approaches and real-world applications in documentary making.


Each applicant to the workshop is expected to apply with a 200-word treatment for a documentary. The subject for the documentary is articulated as a “Short Documentary Portrait.” Portrait can be defined liberally and can include anything from an exploration of a person, a place or an event.


All participants are accepted into the workshop based upon the merit and feasibility of their idea and treatment. The idea presented must be concise and practical to complete within the 16-day time period of the workshop.


Two treatments are selected for production as films in this workshop. At the end of day five of the workshop the participants will be set up into 2 teams. These teams will develop, produce, shoot and edit a 10 -15 minute documentary film.


The teams of two are expected to take on fixed roles during production. The Two teams are divided into director, cinematographer, sound person and editor.

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