Rob Frutchman

Rob Fruchtman is an award-winning director, producer  and editor of documentaries and television programs. He won the Documentary Director award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival for his feature film, Sister Helen,  which aired on HBO. He has won three Emmys for his work with PBS. His film, Trust Me, a documentary produced for SHOWTIME, follows Christian, Jewish and  Islamic boys at an interfaith camp in North Carolina.  


Fruchtman directed and produced Seeing Proof, a film about Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rouge regime and its lingering effect on Cambodia’s society, for George Soros’ Open Society Institute. He has just completed Sweet Dreams, a documentary about a group of Rwandan women who open the country’s first ice cream shop. His documentaries have explored the arts, history, world cultures and  social justice issues and have aired in festivals and on television around the world.