Philippe Fabbri

Philippe Fabbri was born in 1959 in a small town in the North East of France. At the age of 19, he moved to Paris, to study at the national school of Cinema, Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere. As soon as he graduated(1980), he worked for the French national broadcasting corporation (at that time FR3) as a Sound man for news and, during the same period of time, worked with documentary filmmakers involved in artistically, social or political themes in Paris and in the north of France.

From 1986, he started to work on French feature films as born operator, with several sound mixers. He first started on short movies and later on from 1989 on long movies.

From 1998, he became a sound mixer on feature films, either for film industry of feature films produced for French television broadcasters as France 2 or Arte. Simultaneously, he worked on post-production of feature films from 1997, especially in Foley recording, post synchronization, and Sound mixing for the French national television and for some independent companies.

However, he still keeps working with documentary filmmakers: according to him, working on both world as we can see it or shooting actors feed mutually.