Felix Eisele

Felix Eisele is producer and managing director of Sebastian Schipper’s (VICTORIA, ROADS) Berlin based production  company Missing Link Films GmbH. He is executive partner of the production company av medien penrose GmbH (Stuttgart).  


Beside a diploma in Film and TV production from the  renowned film school Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg  (Germany), where he specialized in the subject of creative and international producing, Felix holds the European  Master in Audiovisual Management from the Media Business School (Spain). His diploma project THE MEASURE OF THINGS was nominated for the STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD in 2006.  


Felix has (co-)produced over 20 fiction and documentary features in Europe, Africa and the middle East, as well as  having several credits as line producer and production  manager. He frequently consults in the subject of film financing and  business affairs for a broad scale of international productions. 


In the past ten years his production works include projects  for and with Wim Wenders (PALERMO SHOOTING,  EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE), Anton Corbijn (A MOST  WANTED MAN), Robert Schwendtke (THE CAPTAIN) and  Julie Delpy (MY ZOE). He produced a number of highly respected national and international (co)productions, such  as MONUMENT TO MICHAEL JACKSON, THE INVISIBLES, THE CULPABLE, FIG TREE, as well as the feature film HERE & THERE that won over 15 international awards  including the Tribecca New York Narrative Award. 


Since 2009 Felix lectures at Filmakademie Baden-Württem berg and has recently become a board member of the  Filmakademie’s production department.