Esther Kintu

I am a Film Editor and a Maisha Alumni in 2006 as an Editor.


I have 12 years of work experience having worked on “Centre 4” as my 1st Big Project. I have been in the film industry since 2002 and worked on the following projects; Makutano Junction TV Series 1-12 (2005 – 2012), MediaE Kenya, KnowZone Children’s TV show (2007 – 2013), MediaE Kenya, The Hostel TV Series (Season 1), (2009) Fast Track Productions Uganda, Editing Mentor Maisha Youth Lab (2012 -2013), A Fork, A spoon and a Knife, with Mira Nair And Zippy Kimundu.


I have also worked on short films: Emancipation (Kenya), Ghetto Hustler (Kenya) and Kinyogote TV Series in Rwanda.