Cheerag Cama

Cheerag graduated  from  the  Film  and  Television Institute of India  with specialization in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering in the 80’s after which he spent 7 years recording classical music (Indian and Western) for the archives of the National Centre for the Performing Arts.  


From 1992 onwards, he worked mainly in the Television Industry on daily  soaps,  game  shows,  chat  shows,  musical  shows,  reality  shows,  among  others as a location sound engineer.  He  also  did  short  stints  as  a  post-production  mix  engineer  for  STAR  TV  (1999  – 2000) and  as  a  live  sound  engineer  with  Performance  Audio (2001).  


Worked on a few ad films and documentaries as a location sound engineer.  Worked on a few feature films as associate production recordist.  


As a hobby, got into writing articles for audio magazines.  


2012 – Recent  projects  have  been  The  God  Room  (a  film  by  Mira  Nair)  and  The  Outsider  (a  television show based on The Doha Debates).