Veronica Kana K

A hard working, vastly focused and impulse screen writer, poet, photography and videographer. As an open minded and a people person who is quick with pencils; Verona carries out research on her projects by engaging or starting up heated arguments in minute communities then sit steady with pen and paper.

I’ve tried my hand at training under-privileged communities in similar fields. I had a chance to work on different sets both low and normal budgets; learning how and what gets prioritized. I’ve worked with different independent filmmakers as well as under separate companies like Grabit pictures; Fast Track Productions and most recently Stories from Africa and Watoto media team!
I have performed different tasks for each; accomplishing each fully and efficiently however tedious!

Recently introduced to things like collaborations; conjunctions and the likes. Currently streamlining and chasing producers for a series I developed; completed a screenplay; just seen to the end two shows for a local channel. Currently sketching funding for a feature film; and overseeing pre-production phase for 3 shorts and a series.