Semakula Francis


Francis obtained a degree in Office and Information Management at Makerere University in 2009.

He further obtained a professional certificate in Computer networking at the same University in 2011.

Has UACE, UNEB certificate in 2004 at St. James SS. Jinja. And

Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) at Armoret High School in 2000. And PLE in 1996 at Kayindu P/S in Luwero District.

Mission statement

Francis, given that background is looking forward to seeing that he becomes one of the known film / movie writer and as well as a person who has brought a new change and uniqueness in creativity, in Uganda’s movie industry, there by finding solutions to societal problems.


With the love to become a distinguished movie maker, I have so far written plays for secondary schools and primary schools which they have always exhibited on big days, that’s to say, sports day, speech days. In addition, I have done the directing at the time of Audition and editing although I still need more professional skills to do the work more professional.


There is nothing as powerful as an idea, especially when its time has come, on multiple occasions I have received different people, churches, schools that wish to have Francis composing them stories and supervising them especially at the time of shooting the movie. With dew experience, I have been used as film analyst given my good observation and recommendations. I have written three different stories so far, and we are soon starting scripting one of them and currently we are looking for possible characters that will best suit our movie.

Francis has the following hobbies

  1. Watching movies especially detective one.
  2. Loves writing funny stories.
  3. Loves socializing.
  4. go for touring with friends and
  5. Going to the beach

Tel: 0753616121 / 0705838023