Robert Clement Manondolo

I am Robert Clement Manondolo a Teacher for secondary schools Zanzibar and coordinator of Children and youth film Panorama in Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) for 4 years .

I would like to join the master class workshop on tools for directors in Novernber 11-12 .2013 to learn how the process of film production and directing is done in East Africa. This could help me to work well in organizing and selection of films from East Africa and to be used in Zanzibar International Film Festival. This year during closing day of children and youth film panorama ZIFF lounched the program of East Africa Children and Youth Film Panorama (EACYP) it is the time also to share ideas and experience of how to prepare and analyze the script shooting with the team, casting actors, in order to direct the actors effectively for East Africa Countries.

ZIFF has been working with Danish Film Institute ( DFI) for 14 years now in children programs so it is the good experience and share planning for the next step in East Africa.

This also could be the way of both Maisha Film Lab and ZIFF can work together for the children and youth programs in future.

Contact: +255 777458976