Mubezi Arthur Denis

My name is Mubezi Arthur, I am 26 yrs and a graduate from Makerere University in Office and information management. I have strong literature back ground which I did study at my ordinary and advanced levels of education and this gave me an insight of what it takes to be a good writer or actor or director etc. I was introduced to the field of play writing and acting by my Literature teacher who was the best in the region at that time. Under his mentorship I wrote a number of plays for school competitions which he helped me edit, and direct and we did this for about two years until I sat for my final exams and I changed school for my A- level. At my A level in Lugazi Mixed S.S is when I first wrote a play, edited and directed it without any help of my teacher and indeed I was happy when my house(Yellow) for which I wrote the play was declared the best in the plays. This further motivated me to continue with the exercise and I wrote a number of them. My second play I wrote and directed myself was in my s6 vacation which was about HIV/AIDs and it was performed in Jinja town hall by an organization which had been formed to help orphans called Rock foundation which I had joined. When I started university, I concentrated on learning movie production that is script writing, editing and directing but I never got a chance to work with any professional organization in movie production but I worked on scripts of a number of music videos for now prominent gospel artists among others.

Recently I was introduced to Maisha film lab by a friend of mine who is an actor called Carlos and now I am having my hopes of improving on my skills in this field at Maisha and I am confident I can as per what I have read from the Maisha website. I would like to get a chance to work with the professionals and I believe this will be my opener to my dream of becoming one of the best script writers, editors and directors in the region and later in Africa and finally in the world and I know I will get there. It’s just a matter of time.

Contact: 0706116121 / 0782616121