Mango Ndjangala

Mango Ndjangala also known as Eric Duffon lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo wants to connect the living arts to the major challenges of the 21st century so as to make this world, our community noble and healthier in body, mind and soul. The different film projects are intended to craft spirits, perception and transform this world through the enabler and universal language that has the power to comfort, create, communicate and counsel.

Mango loves bringing people together; sharing emotions and communicating important messages which educate and adjust our society


After obtaining a license degree in English Mango got involved in filmmaking at Rwanda cinema center, then completed various training on screenplay writing with Maisha Film Lab were he was a participant and attended the Screenwriting Lab Rwanda 2009 (RIFF) and Ghoet institute, producing, directing, acting, editing, filming at YOLE AFRICA. Mango also got involved in professionalizing he’s writing, producing and directing dramas and documentaries films since 2008. In 2011 Mango got a scholarship to attend a one-year filmmaking master-class in KINSHASA at Suka production. During the film making carrier Mango got involved as a producer, screenplay writer and a director in many small films productions like,

  • JFJ.6’ (Director) screened at Rwanda film festival 2008/and Burundi film festival
  • Petit reveur 14’ drama (Producer, writer, director) screened at salaam kivu film festival 2010/drc
  • Sapilo mais pas trop21’ doc-drama 2010(actor)
  • Le gestionaire, 21’ Drama (writer and producer) 2011
  • Taekondo, 12’ doc (Directing team) 2011
  • Bulletin, 7’ drama (Producer, writer, director) 2011
  • Mutiyani, 1’ (Producer, writer, director) 2011
  • Mjane tumika, 6’ Doc (Producer; director) 2011
  • Film Congo, (Script et props assistant) production ALKEBU production 2011
  • Stokyo 45’(Executive producer)
  • Costume (writer, director) 2011
  • Mambo-jambo (Producer, writer, director and actor) 2013.

Mango is currently a writer/ producer/ director and works at Yole Africa. Mango says ”Maisha can support me with the opportunities to meeting various filmmakers around the world and updating me with the news and other opportunities of film grants for me to apply.” He’s question is “What do you think of involving Young Congolese filmmakers to Maisha Film Lab opportunities?

Contact; +243 998870408/821049008,