Magese William

Magese William was born and raised in Tanzania and he currently stays in Tanzania. He joined Maisha in 2010 in a writing program… he recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of computer science, but he is looking forward to employ himself to open a Filmmaking company, He will be writing scripts for movie and making movies. At Maisha he was a participant and he attended the screenwriting Lab Tanzania 2009 (ZIFF). The film he worked on at Maisha was Manka. Currently he’s an Entrepreneur/Filmmaker. He is working on a project called A kiss in my heart its a film, whose script he wrote. He hasn’t started production yet due to financial reasons but he’s looking forward to it. William says Maisha can support and help him develop his career I need more studies in Directing and Cinematography, his wish is to go to Film School, like New York Film Academy and University of California the School of Cinematic Art. I thank Maisha for giving me knowledge and make me a complete screenwriter.

Contacts; +255684669990,, @Magese18