Florence Onyango Ogallo

Florence Onyango Ogallo who currently lives in Kenya started writing scripts under the mentorship of Cajetan Boy seven years ago and she has had the wonderful opportunity of attending some amazing workshops as the Maisha Film Lab Script writing workshops and more recently the One Fine Day Workshop 2013 Scriptwriting department. At Maisha, she was a participant and attended the Screenwriting Lab Kenya Lab 2008 (KIFF). She has also worked on several scripts of some local TV shows. She has also had the privilege of mentoring in script writing at the Kibera Film School. So far she has one short movie out, Consequences and she is now currently working on her first feature. Her current occupation is she is a freelance Script Writer/Editor/ Story Development. Her most current project is she is the creator and story developer of TV series Haven based on sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Contact: +254720068819, fowere@gmail.com, @FlorenceOnyang1