Bernadette Otieno Violet

Bernadette Otieno Violet is a writer / film practitioner based in Kenya. I currently work as a Video Producer with Film Aid, at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Following my participation in Maisha’s labs I delved full time into writing and worked as a screen writer/ freelance magazine and newspaper writer. For my end year graduate school project, I produced my first short film called Gangari (Hustler). The film won the best student film award in the 2012 Kenyan Kalasha Television and Film Awards. Film is my passion, through it I hope to inspire, educate and entertain.

When I was at Maisha, I was a participant and I attended the Screenwriting Lab Kenya Lab 2008 (KIFF) and the Annual Screenwriters and Directors 2009 were I worked on The Pardon. Currently I am a Video Producer and I work with Film Aid. I am currently working on a project though all the projects I work on are currently tied to Film Aid, but I will actively share my work with the Maisha Alumini this year.

I would honestly like to possibly attend the Annual Documentary Lab; working with Film Aid we produce docu-dramas in general. It always helps to refresh and get an ‘updated’ perspective on filmmaking. My question is can Maisha possibly have labs in different parts of E.A countries, other than the scheduled labs. For instance, I work with FilmAid and I am based at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. We run a film-training program here and the students would be able to benefit tremendously from the kind of training Maisha offers. Owing to the complexities of having them travel to attend the lab, it would be beneficial if Maisha could possibly look into setting up a lab here.

Contacts: 0721749208,, @bdetteO