Anis Ndaisaba

Anis Ndayisaba

My name is Anis Ndayisaba; I was born on 23rd may, 1991 at Muhima, Kigali,Rwanda.

I am trying to inter our local film industry, where last year I attended a workshop on screenwriting and I was the best and won the award.

Most of my time is spent on working for the Rwandan Baha’I faith, as my studies are getting over (I am writing my memoire); writing short novels, scripts; and reading about different subject, especially religions, spiritualism, novels, physics, and sometimes mathematics; and watching movies. My preference kinds of movies are Horror, Drama and Romance. In my list of favorite movies fall: An affair to remember; Vivariva; Akeelah and the bee; Tsotsi; A Serbian film; Grimm series etc. After my studies, this end august, I want to dedicate my life to making great films. And this year 2014 I attended the Rwanda screenwriting lab with a script called “James’s Dream.”