Alexander Nyirinkwaya

I am called Alexander Nyirinkwaya Native Rwandan. I was born on April 1992, in GASABO – Kigali city the capital city of Rwanda.
I started cinema in 2012 in Almond TREE FILMS where I was On set of some films done in a session of a simple of work, in 2013 I have attended Maisha Film Lab technical workshop in Kigali at Goethe institute where I worked as a Director of Photography for the short film called MUTONI, also the same year I attended RWANDA Christian Film Festival workshop about Screen writing, I also worked as Cinematographer at Rwanda Image FILMS a new upcoming filmmaking company.

I also worked on set of Film called Millennium madness by Richard Mugwaneza but it is in post production, I also have myself project of photography about the life of villagers children, for me I have dreams to become a great Filmmaker.
I attended the Rwanda Maisha Screenwriting Lab 2014.