Somebody clap for me

Somebody Clap for Me

Director: Luciana Farah
Country: Uganda (2011)
Genre: Documentary
Time: 10.02 min


This is a story of poetry and hip-hop in Kampala, mainly focusing on 2 groups Bonfire at the National Theater and  Lantern Meet of poets that are practicing the craft. In April 2006, a grassroots initiative started by four aspiring poets of the Makerere University: Ojakol Raymond, Asiimwe Colins, Sophia Alal and Guy Mambo, who held weekly meetings in the Africa Hall. The provocative, bold and witty poets gradually brought together crowds of young Ugandans for these open mic events, tackling topics. There is also a branch of literary arts that is growing alongside hip-hop music. Multi-artist Xenson Ssenkaba is said to have mastered the art of Spoken Word and has been incorporating it in his music. He is also one of the few poets who write in Ugandan languages as opposed to English.