Must Be a God Fearing Girl

Must Be a God Fearing Christian Girl

Director: Wanjiru Kairu
Country: Uganda (2007)
Genre: Fiction
Time: 23.04 min


On the day he successfully secures his first date from a ‘Lonely and Looking’ newspaper column, John Webuye’s mother brings home a village girl; young, naïve but by her terms –suitable bride material. Reasonably annoyed, he rejects his mother’s “sincere contribution to his health and happiness”, and heads out to meet his date, the ideal; modest, educated, and a God-fearing Christian girl -one with the prospects of some day settling down with him (He hopes). And so it is on this perfect night, in the perfect little restaurant, where John nervously awaits his blind dates arrival…A light, humorous story Must Be A God Fearing Christian Girl chronicles one man’s search for the elusive perfect love.