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Veronica Kabejja N.

Upcoming film director in the movie industry. Veronica Kabejja; is a Graduate from Makerere University. In her early years after University she capitalized on writing scripts; some of which were used by others to produce movies while others were shelved due to lack of funds. She then had an opportunity to attend the Maisha film lab of 2009 in which her script writing skills were bettered. She has also written scripts for TV stations and other movies not yet produced. One such script is “Aunt Julia”, Songs of Solomon, 33points and Lights Camera Dance…in pre production. She worked under Kaeneth Kihiray pictures in 2010 and has since run a photo studio as well as dealt in Videography.

She also attended Maisha film lab in 2011 (Annual lab) that was focused on directing. Veronica then worked as assistant director for movies such as “She Likes Prada” and “Every day people”. She has as well co-directed in a number of movies. In 2013 she directed “33 points” for the Colchester 48 hour challenge.

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