Youth & Film Uganda is one of three components of the Uganda Youth Cultures Project being implemented under the Uganda – Denmark Culture and Development Programme.

This component aims to empower the young generation through film education, to develop a film culture for young people, and to use film as a tool in the development process in Uganda. The main target group for this component is young people, age 13-19 years.

Youth & Film Uganda was launched during the inaugural one week visit of the Maisha team to Denmark in March 2011. Youth & Film Uganda rolled out its first activity in May 2011 component one The Youth Film Club in Kampala and Gulu districts respectively. The Program has since rolled out all the activities component by component as planned. The year 2011 saw a total of 1200 youth attending the monthly film screenings in Kampala and Gulu.

The program which was originally developed and designed in June 2010 by the Danish Film Institute (DFI) and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD) in partnership with Maisha Foundation Ltd is currently running under five subcomponents, namely The Film Clubs for Youth, The Film Festivals, The Film Labs, The Master Class and the Dox Lab.


Children and youth in Uganda do not have access to films that are suitable for them and made for them. Films that are made from a child/youth perspective, with topical issues of concern for youth and with children/youth as the main characters are very few. Furthermore there is no, or only very limited, experience and practice within the field of film education and film culture for youth in general.

Generally the children and youth cannot afford going to cinema and cannot access films. In a few instances some few youths access local video halls but the films are as well not suitable for them.

The immediate objectives related to the overall goal are as follows:

  • To enable young people access art and a diversity of films in terms of content, genres and cultural origin;
  • To facilitate young people’s dialogue and critical analysis of films;
  • To let young people create films from their own point of views and realities – to let them tell their own stories with their own voices;
  • To target youth in different regions of Uganda and with diverse social backgrounds;
  • To build up capacity within film festivals, film organisations and the film industry to target youth;