Stichting Doen funds Screenwriting Labs in East Africa for three years – January 2015 to December 2017

Stichting Deon will be funding the 2015 to 2017 series of Screenwriting Labs in East Africa. Maisha will in this time have 4 annual 8-day intensive programs in each of Maisha’s target countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. Participants are selected from a pool of applicants based on their short screenplay ideas.

We will award 60 scholarships each year to participants from the EAC region. In 8 days, the 60 selected participants (15 in each country) will work with internationally renowned mentors to refine their work and broaden their horizons on the film business and the art of filmmaking.

The result is 60 screenwriting graduates. Each of the 60 total participants (15 per lab) selected for our screenwriting workshops will have a vetted and refined short screenplay. One screenplay in each country will be selected at each lab to receive a $ 5,000 grant to produce their film. Each participant will have access to Maisha’s equipment if they want to produce their own films.
The screenwriting lab participants will have networking opportunities with their fellow filmmakers and their community, as well as with their mentors, who are professional working writers and filmmakers from all over the world as the screenwriting labs will be held against the backdrop of the regional film festivals in each respective country.
The lab participants will gain exposure to films and filmmakers form all over the world and thus begin to actualize the idea of a career in filmmaking.

The screenwriting labs are the first step towards a fulfilling career in the film industry for these East African participants.
The screenwriting lab participants will use their refined screenplays to either make a film, raise funds to make a film, or apply to Maisha’s Annual Filmmaking and Technical Lab.


  • Uganda – Friday 26th June to Friday 3rd July
  • Zanzibar – Saturday 18th July to Saturday 25th July
  • Rwanda – Thursday 30th July to Thursday 6th August
  • Kenya – Tuesday 27th October to Tuesday 3rd November

Youth & Film Project

CKU funds Youth and film project for two years – January 2015 to December 2016

Our youth and film project has received funding from Centre for Culture and Development (CKU). This project will continue to address the needs of marginalized communities- particularly youth in northern Uganda- to gain access to film art as a medium that enhance the development of individuals and communities. The youth and entire community will greatly benefit from exposure to good art (Film), not only as a means of providing recreation, but also as a forum for self expression and creative impetuses to tell their own stories. The project will be located in Gulu and Kitgum. This project will primarily focus on 13 – 25 year old though open to youth of any age. Among the activities to be undertaken include community film dialogue programmes, film clubs, film production labs for talented individuals without age limit, seminars and dialogue with stakeholders, and film/art festivals to showcase talent.

The overall objective is to strengthen the film media in Northern Uganda with particular focus on disadvantaged youth and their enhanced participation in film art.

Gulu Screenings:

  • Gulu Film Club – Every Saturday at TAKS Art Centre from 4pm to 6pm
  • School Clubs – At Pope John Paul II High & Gulu Central Secondary School twice a month.

Kitgum Screenings:

  • Kitgum Film Club – Once a month

Gulu & Kitgum Film Labs

Gulu screenwriting and technical lab open only for Gulu & Kitgum residents

Film Lab dates :

  • Kitgum Film Lab – November 22 to November 26
  • Gulu Film Lab – November 28 to December 2

Gulu Film Festival

  • December 4 & December 5

This program is made possible with the financial assistance of Centre for Culture & Development ( CKU )