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Fibby Kioria

Program Director

Fibby Kioria - Program Director Maisha FoundationFibby joined Maisha in August 2012, since that time, she has spearheaded screenwriting labs, filmmaking & technical labs, documentary filmmaking labs and the youth & film-training programs in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Fibby collaborates with cultural partners in the East African region to produce a variety of programming, including film festivals and film screenings. At the 2015 Cyprus International Short Film Festival, along with curating the program of African short films, Fibby was selected to be the head of the jury for the film festival. She was also on the ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival) jury in the Ousmane Sembene short film category in 2015, a panelist for iREP International Documentary Film Festival in Nigeria, and she  curated a short film program for the Message 2 Man film festival in St. Petersburg, Russia as well as Ammarnas Film Festival in Sweden. When she is not working as a producer for the numerous short films that Maisha produces, Fibby travels Africa and the globe representing Maisha and promoting East African filmmakers. She was the line producer for the 2014 Tribeca Film Institute documentary film a fork, a spoon and & a KNIGHT.

Born and raised in Kenya, Fibby has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Public Administration and Economics from Punjab University in Chandigarh, India. Previously, she worked in the advertising industry in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda.  Fibby sits on the Board of Directors for Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/Ugandan German Cultural Society.

Gail Dinter-Gottlieb

Development Director

 Gail-Dinter-GottliebGail Dinter-Gottlieb, Ph.D. has worked with the Maisha Foundation as a consultant, and now Director of Development since 2011. Gail received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute in Israel, and spent 15 years as a professor and researcher. Her lab was the first to discover a human virus that could cleave itself, and she received a $500,000 grant to target the AIDS virus as a first step in drug development. Her work in AIDS education at the university level was nationally recognized.

Dr. Dinter-Gottlieb then moved into a career in administration, serving as a Dean at the State University of New York and Pace University, and then President of Acadia University. At each institution, she established a Center for Community Outreach to promote service learning, where professors and students engage with the large community to give more relevance to their coursework.

She feels that it is a privilege to raise money for an organization in which she passionately believes, and finds the work that Maisha has accomplished over its first ten years to be extraordinary.

She lives in Brooklyn, and looks forward to visiting Uganda, the Film Lab and the beautiful new Maisha Garden. “Mira Nair has shown that a dream, with the strength of a powerful woman behind it, can come true.”

Kampire Bahana

Fundraiser and Business Development Specialist

Kampire-BahanaKampire is a writer and a fundraising and communications consultant based in Kampala, Uganda.  She is passionate about the arts, issues of gender and social justice and believes in the power of small, innovative organisations to change the African aid paradigm.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, she spent 5 years working in Uganda’s civil society, working with women political representatives and mobilising communities to demand accountability from their local leaders. She organised the annual Uganda Feminist Forum from 2010 to 2014. Most recently she developed a Gender and Trade Publication for TradeMark East Africa, worked on the Disney production of the film “Queen of Katwe”, organised the inaugural Nyege Nyege International Music Festival in Jinja, and is developing the new Strategic plan for the Maisha Foundation.

Her writing can be found at,,, Proggie.Ug and on her blog You can follow her on twitter @Vugafrica.

Ednah Nakakembo

Program Coordinator

Ednah-NakakemboEdnah is a Ugandan film and media professional with vast experience in the industry. As the Program Coordinator for Maisha Film lab, she is responsible for organising and corresponding different film labs and workshops, as well as working on the productions of wining scripts.  Ednah has a Diploma in Communication as well as BA in Media Arts and Production from the University of Canberra in Australia. In 2015, she moved back to Uganda, where she worked as Script Supervisor trainee on Queen of Katwe (a movie production by Walt Disney Pictures), and as the Script Supervisor on the Queen of Katwe re-shoot. While in Australia, she started off her career in film as a Media Intern for Enjoy Productions in Melbourne, and then moved on to Acting on a highly rated Australian drama called Wentworth TV series. She worked on the show for 3 seasons while simultaneously working on other TV series and feature films doing bit parts and background acting. She then worked as a Camera Assistant on Wentworth TV series – Season 2. During that time, she was a Camera Operator for Enjoy Productions on the weekends. She also worked as a Production Assistant for KillaFish Productions, and a Video Transcriber for Atlantic Star Productions in Melbourne.

Patience Asaba Katushabe

Production Coordinator

Patience-Asaba-KatushabePatience started her journey into the world of filmmaking in 2011 when she joined the Maisha youth program. There, she participated as an editor of a short film called Mandu mentored by David Kayongo. In 2012, mentored by Rwandan Director Joel Karekezi, she directed her first short film called Never Lose Hope still under the Maisha Youth & Film program, which was a great success. Patience is passionate and interested in making films about women empowerment, the girl child, children’s rights, and youth. She likes experimental work and trying different art skills.  She is currently writing a documentary about interesting women who sweep the road in Kampala and the surrounding Towns.

In 2015, Patience worked on the Disney Production “Queen of Katwe” as a Set PA under the 1st Assistant Director’s department. Additionally, she was the Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Coordinator, and the 2nd Assistant Director on the pick up shoot for Queen of Katwe. In April 2013, Patience joined the Maisha team as an intern. Today, Patience works as the Maisha production coordinator where she organizes productions, manages film equipment, and oversees the audio-visual library.

Florence Kakande

Accountant and Office Administrator

Florence-KakandeFlorence Kakande joined Maisha Foundation Ltd, in December 2011 as a part time accountant where she has been in charge of preparing budgets and overseeing expenditure in line with the donor contracts. Prior to joining Maisha, Florence worked for another not-for-profit film organization Amakula Kampala Cultural Foundation Ltd. She worked as the Finance manager / Administrator for Amakula for 4 years.

Born and raised in Uganda, Florence loves stories, listening to motivational talks, reading positive books and travelling.

Mark Tamale

Office Assistant

Mark-Tamale-newMark is a multitalented 18-year-old born and raised in Mutundwe—a Kampala suburb, and now a resident of Muyenga. Mark is the ever-dependent office assistant and runner at Maisha. He hopes to get to the heights of film through grabbing any opportunity that comes with the workshops organized by Maisha. When he is not at work, he is either watching one of the new movie releases or reading a novel. He was educated as Trinity Primary School Kabowa, Baptist high school Kitebi, Greenlight high school Zana and Mityana secondary school respectively.

Ojok Francis Odong

Program Manager, Maisha Youth and Film Project – Gulu/Kitgum

Ojok-Francis-OdongOjok is a budding screenwriter and film director in Northern Uganda where he has made more than 5 short films.  He currently works as the Program Manager for the Youth and Film Project with Maisha Film Lab in Gulu and Kitgum where he facilitates weekly film screenings in Gulu and and monthly film screenings at film clubs in Kitgum and Gulu schools.

In 2008, he started writing his ‘scripts’/ ‘stories’ after watching films and had a dream one day they would be on screen. For three years, there was no hope, until, one day in 2011, he came across a Maisha Film Lab poster on the gate of Gulu Youth Centre. He joined immediately and at the end of that year, he made his first short film- MY LOST WALLET as the First A.D. He made his second short film with Maisha Film Lab in December 2012 – THE PARCEL FROM JENNIFER. He learnt a lot about films on his own when the pilot project ended and participated in REED FILM FESTIVAL Spain with his short film THE RISE OF THE GREAT WARRIOR in 2012. He was also one of the 15 participants of Maisha Film Lab’s Screenwriting Lab December 2014 in Kampala with his script THE GRINDING MACHINE.

Komakech Ceaser Ochiti

Program Manager, Maisha Youth And Film Project – Gulu/Kitgum

Komakech-CaesarKomakech has worked for Maisha since February 2015, where he has been instrumental to the management of the project. Orphaned at 13 years, he raised his siblings, preparing him for great responsibility as a development professional. After his PLE in 1993 from a remote school (Pakwelo P.7, Gulu) and his UCE in 1997 from Sir Samuel Baker School, Gulu, he managed to complete his “A” level from Kitgum Hall while working as a community facilitator with ACORD, Kitgum. In a similar manner, he completed a Bachelor Degree in Development Studies from Gulu University in 2014, around the same time he was employed at Gulu Municipal Council as Office Attendant. He was later promoted to Town Agent at Gulu Municipal Council in 2013. He is married with five beautiful daughters and one son.