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Romana Brenda Nabbosa

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Romana Brenda Nabbosa is a Mass Communication graduate with a major in Broadcasting from Makerere University Kampala. She has been in the media for the past six years, five of which have been in employment with NTV, Uganda. She currently works with them as TV producer and director. Her current production is a UNICEF funded Read More

Philippe Fabbri

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Philippe Fabbri was born in 1959 in a small town in the North East of France. At the age of 19, he moved to Paris, to study at the national school of Cinema, Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere. As soon as he graduated(1980), he worked for the French national broadcasting corporation (at that time FR3) as Read More

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell has photographed, directed, & produced documentary & fiction films in Africa, Latin America & the Middle East. In Africa he worked on feature films as cinematographer for Babacar Samb & Samba Felix N’diaye, in Senegal, Gaitée Fofana, in Guinée, Djamel Sellani in Algeria & Madagascar. As a director he made a drama adapted Read More

Linette Frewin

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Linnette began her career in London as clapper loader/focus puller. In 1999, Frewin returned to Zimbabwe where he now works as a freelance in news and documentaries and with local NGO”s, reporting on human rights abuses and other issues. Covering Amnesty Secretary General Irene Khan’s visit to Zimbabwe in 2009, I was arrested with the Read More

For the Love of Education

For the Love of Education

Ronald Makio

The Ssenga

The Ssenga

Noosim Naimasiah

A Parcel from Jennifer

Parcel from Jennifer

Francis Ojok

Never lose hope

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Katushabe Patience, Maisha, 8 min A story about Grace, a 16-year-old girl, who is taken in by her aunt after her mother’s death and forced to become the family housemaid. Grace hopes to be able to go back to school but her aunt refuses to pay attention saying she doesn’t have money. Even when Grace Read More



Daniel Mwesigwa


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