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Malia Scoth Marmo

Malia Scotch Marmo

Malia Scotch Marmo wrote Steven Spielberg’s fantasy, Hook, and also served as associate producer on the film. Her first produced film was “Once Around”, directed by Lasse Hallstrom. Malia received story credit for Madeline. Malia’s uncredited work in order of the size of her contributing as she sees it includes, Jurassic Park, Other Sister, Only Read More

Joel Karekezi

Joel Karekezi

Joel Karekezi graduated from Cinecours in 2008. His 2009 short The Pardon won awards at international festivals. His first feature Imbabazi: The Pardon received a Göteborg Festival Fund grant and won the Grand Nile Prize at Luxor African Film Festival 2014 & Special Mention at Khouribga African Film Festival. His script for The Mercy of Read More

James Gayo

James Gayo

James Gayo, a well-known cartoonist in East Africa and a filmmaker, is among the early Maisha alumni. Apart from his two short films, The Trip and The Retirement Day, Gayo has written and directed for TV broadcasts. His recent works include the TASWIRA YETU documentary series that has just ended airing at Star TV. Through Read More

Felipe Gamarano Barbosa

Fellippe Gamarano Barbosa

Fellippe Gamarano Barbosa, born in Rio de Janeiro, completed his MFA in film at Columbia University. Two of his short films- La Muerte Es Pequena and Salt Kiss – Screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Salt Kiss was an official selection of the New York Film Festival, among many others, and won over 10 international Read More

Annmarie Morais

Annmarie Morais

Born in West Indies, this Canadian writer’s beginning took shape in the form of short story and playwriting. A graduate of York University’s Honors Film and Video Production program, she wrote and directed several short films while learning the craft of screenwriting under some of Canada’s finest instructors. In 1999, screenwriting’s most prestigious completion, The Read More

Philippe Fabbri

Philippe Fabbri Thumbnail

Philippe Fabbri was born in 1959 in a small town in the North East of France. At the age of 19, he moved to Paris, to study at the national school of Cinema, Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere. As soon as he graduated(1980), he worked for the French national broadcasting corporation (at that time FR3) as Read More

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell has photographed, directed, & produced documentary & fiction films in Africa, Latin America & the Middle East. In Africa he worked on feature films as cinematographer for Babacar Samb & Samba Felix N’diaye, in Senegal, Gaitée Fofana, in Guinée, Djamel Sellani in Algeria & Madagascar. As a director he made a drama adapted Read More

Linette Frewin

Linette Frewin Thumbnail

Linnette began her career in London as clapper loader/focus puller. In 1999, Frewin returned to Zimbabwe where he now works as a freelance in news and documentaries and with local NGO”s, reporting on human rights abuses and other issues. Covering Amnesty Secretary General Irene Khan’s visit to Zimbabwe in 2009, I was arrested with the Read More

Youth & Film 2011

Youth & Film 2011 Thumbnail

Mama Julia’s Monosex Saloon

Mama Julia's Monosex Saloon

Annual Lab 2011 Director Faith Wanjiku Hansen This is a family story about a mother who moves in with her daughter to help her as she starts a new business. She is however a woman on a mission, vowing to break up her daughter’s marriage, she feels here daughter married beneath She identifies the perfect Read More