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Miles Goodall

Known for sensitive lighting and his natural storyline ability, Miles Goodall’s imagination and ideas inspires those he works with. Miles keeps his fingers firmly on pulse, from inception to end product. His patience and gentle ways create memorable collaborations between light and emotion, making working with him an absolute pleasure.
This sought after cinematographer has worked in 33 countries around the world, from US to Australia. Well-known as the man with the miracle eyes, Miles’ 64 awards pay testimony for his brilliance as a cinematographer.

One of Miles philosophies is that what you get out, you need to give back. As such, h has made meaningful contributions to society by creating and helping to fund public service announcements for various causes; one of these causes was Aids in Africa, winning a Cannes Lion award for his campaign.

The ease with which he moves through life is infectious and fun. A true original.

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