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Dilman Dila

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As a self-taught film maker, Dilman Dila greatly benefitted from the Maisha Film Lab. His first short film was What Happened in Room 13 (2007), which many regard as a masterpiece from Uganda’s young industry. The Young Ones Who Won’t Stay Behind (2008) was his first collaboration with the world famous film maker, Mira Nair. He spent two years in Nepal, where he made several documentaries. Untouchable Love (2011) was selected for IDFA’s Docs for Sale, 2011, where it picked a UK based distributor. With The Sound of One Leg Dancing (2011), he won The Jury Award at the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival in 2012. His first narrative feature, The Felistas Fable (2013) is currently making the rounds in festivals. He keeps an online journal of his work and life at and at his production company website



  • The Felistas Fable (2013, Uganda), 90 minutes, (Trailer)
  • Untouchable Love (2011, Nepal), 90 minutes, (Trailer)
  • The Sound of One Leg Dancing (2011, Nepal), 30 minutes, (Trailer)
  • The Dancing Poet (2012, Nepal), 60 minutes,
  • Listening to Her Voice (2008, Uganda), 12 minutes,
  • Street Strings (2008, Uganda), 15 minutes, (Film)


  • The Young Ones Who Won’t Stay Behind (2008, Uganda), 15 minutes (Clip 1Clip 2)
  • What Happened in Room 13 (2007, Uganda), 18 minutes, (Film)
  • How Will I Get a Drink? (2007, Uganda), 5 minutes, (Film)


  • After the Silence (2006, Uganda), 34 minutes


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