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Angella Emuron

Angella Emurwon is a playwright, screenwriter, storyteller, and stage director, based in Kampala, Uganda.
Angie first came to public notice when she won a 2010 BBC African Performance Award for her radio play The Cow Needs a Wife. In September of the same year, she attended the One Fine Day Film Workshop where she wrote the short How to Kill a Cockroach (2010) directed by Nairobi Half Life director David “Tosh” Gitonga.

She then submitted and was accepted into the 8th Maisha Kampala Screenwriters’ Lab in November 2011 with her project Patience, a child bride’s determination to escape her marriage of convenience by any means necessary. Though, it did not result in a US$2000 award to make the film, the time at the workshop without a doubt made her into a much better writer which is evident in all her writing since then. Last year she went on to win the 2012 BBC International Playwriting competition with her radio play Sunflowers behind a Dirty Fence; which she hopes to one day adapt as a feature film.

Though, Angie identifies primarily as a writer, she enjoys working with actors as a stage director. She has directed the stage adaptation of The Cow Needs a Wife (2011, National Theatre), the then controversial The River and the Mountain (Beau Hopkins, 2012, Tilapia/Mishmash) and most recently Shakespeare’s Macbeth (2013, National Theatre). She will be travelling to the Lincoln Center Theater, New York, July 2013 to participate in their Director’s Lab.

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