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Adnan Ssenkumba

Adnan Ssenkumba Image

Adnan Ssenkumba is the rare, prolific Filmmaker from Uganda who fluidly moves between sound recording and sound design for film. After 3 years of training, school, workshop, and personal efforts Adnan made a stunning entry into the Ugandan film industry with BLACK HALL, a Maishia film lab short film  (2010) where he worked as sound man. Originally trained as an actor at the Department of Performing Arts and Film Makerere University Kampala, Uganda (2009-2013), Adnan draw his inspiration from some of the world’s best sound designers VIVEC SACHIDANAND (Dubbing engineer and assistant sound Designer SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE) and KAI TEBBEL (Post production sound designer DARK KNIGHT), who enabled him to attain various skills in sound Recording and Design.

Adnan’s abilities are manifested in various Uganda’s big film projects. In 2014 Adnan designed and recorded sound for; Reform (feature film by Zenken filmz), UNDP Radio and TV Documentaries in South Sudan, Barbed wire (sit-com), Makerere University student Film s projects, Africa Interactive Documentaries, Kyosiga’s Dream among others. Known for sensitive and Inspire to tell story’s with sound Adnan’s imagination and ideas inspire those he works with.