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Youth Film 2011

Director: Jackson Ntulume

Mandu, a renowned local city businessman who runs a furniture workshop within a city suburb, receives a phone call from a tycoon who wants him to deliver the biggest log of timber to his distant building site in town within a space of one hour. The tycoon promises to pay Mandu much more than the worth of the timber if he beats the one hour deadline. But Mandu has no car and the timber is too big to be pushed on a bicycle. Mandu’s attempt to transport the timber by a Matatu (Commuter Taxi) gets the passengers angry with him as the Taxi is impounded by traffic police. As he laments about a close-to-missed deadline and lost money, the passengers sympathise with Mandu and offer to help him carry the wood to the site. Realising how selfish he was, Mandu decides to share the proceeds of his delivery with his new friends, the passengers.

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