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Programs 2014

Maisha Film Lab 2014 Programs

Upcoming filmmakers, we have a number of opportunities for you this year. Maisha Film Lab will carry out four screenwriting labs made possible by the ACP Secretariat (African Caribbean Pacific group of states) under the European Union.

We will also have a documentary lab funded by the LUMA Foundation.

  1. European Union (European Development Fund) and the assistance of the ACP Group of States: Four Screenwriting Labs
  2. Tribeca Film Institute /Nelson Mandela Foundation: The Power of Words
  3. Luma Foundation: 6th Annual Documentary Film Lab
  4. CKU (Danish Centre for Culture & Development through Danish Foreign Ministry) : Maisha Youth & Film Project

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Maisha Documentary Labs – Uganda

  • When: 19th to 29th November 2014
  • Where: Kampala, Uganda
  • Application Deadline: 30th June 2014

- Annual Documentary Lab for Screenwriters and Directors Only
- Annual Documentary Technical Lab for Sound Recordists, Editors and Cinematographers Only

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Maisha Screen Writer’ Labs – Uganda

  • When - 5th December to 12th December, 2014
  • Where - Kampala
  • Application Deadline – July 31, 2014

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Maisha Screen Writer’ Labs – Rwanda

  • When - 15th to 21st July, 2014
  • Where - Kigali at Rwanda Film Festival
  • Application Deadline – June 3rd, 2014

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Maisha Screen Writer’ Labs – Kenya

  • When - 3rd November to 10th November, 2014
  • Where - Kenya at Film Africa Documentary Film Festival
  • Application Deadline – August 30, 2014

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Maisha Screen Writer’ Labs – Zanzibar

  • When - Saturday 9th to 16th June, 2014
  • Where - Zanzibar at Zanzibar International Film Festival
  • Application Deadline – Saturday May 3, 2014

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