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Programs 2013

Maisha Film Lab – Rwanda Annual Filmmaking Lab

Funded by Doha Film Institute & GOETHE-INSTITUT German Cultural Center, Kigali, Rwanda
Lab dates September 10th to September 21st in Kigali, Rwanda.
The lab introduces participants to hands on experience on the production of narrative film making and real time applications. The course aims to develop skills in concept development, cinematography, sound / camera work, editing as well as acting. Two short films are produced during this Lab. Read More

Tools for Directors

NOVEMBER 11 – 12, 2013
A Maisha Film Lab Masterclass in collaboration with Danish Foreign Ministry & Danish Centre for Culture & Development through the Danish Film Institute
Emmy award winner, Professor in film and Director, Prof. Rumle Hammerich, will be back in Kampala in November 2013 for the third year running to give a two day intensive Master Class for film Directors. The Master Class will focus on the different kinds of tools that a film director needs in order to be prepared for a film shoot from pre production to post production. Read More

Old Wine into New Bottles

James Magruder

A Maisha Film Lab Adaptation Workshop by James Magruder
Join James Magruder for a four-week workshop in taking stories from the page to the stage. Emphasis will be placed on the roots of comedy; distilling character through action; establishing and building conflict; and creating compelling dialogue that carries the plot forward. Participants will be expected to complete classroom exercises as well as adapt a folkloric or Old Testament story (e.g. Esther, Job, Samson & Delilah) to a contemporary context. Read More

DCCD – Film Labs for Youth

Every year, we organise two annual Film Labs for Youth, each lasting 5 days, one in Kampala and the other in Gulu Northern Uganda. Our five days labs allow the young participants to create and produce their own stories using the language of film. In these 5 days the youth review pre-written short scripts (written by them), shoot, edit and screen their film to their peers in their community.

The selection is made via an application process which involves submission of scripts by each participant. Up to 20 participants are selected for each lab and a total of four short films are produced by the end of both labs. In year one, we worked closely with Station Next, a Danish Film Organization to develop a curriculum that was adapted and modified to the Ugandan context and to oversee the training of the Ugandan mentors from the professional film industry. Read More

DCCD – Film Clubs for Youth

We have film clubs in Kampala, Gulu, Mbale, Mbarara and Moroto. Our Film Club is a league of youth aged between 13 to 19 years.

We meet each club once in two months to watch a new film, debate the subject matter in relation to the daily lives of the young people and the situation in their communities, and then scrutinize the aesthetics of the film.

The screening is overseen by a facilitator who engages the young audiences in critically analysing and debating the content of the film – its form and style. Becoming a member of the Film Club is a free and very rewarding experience for participants. fill in the form below to join one of our clubs nearest to you. Read More

A 12 day Documentary Filmmaking Lab

Funded by the Doha Film Institute
Lab dates July 15th to July 27th in Kampala, Uganda.
This intensive documentary production Lab introduces participants to both theoretical approaches to non-fiction filmmaking and real world applications.

The course helps develop skills in concept development, cinematography, sound /camera acquisition and editing.

The lab culminates with the production of two short documentary films. Read More